APRIL 11, 2005:

I've been working hard on the site! Getting ready to post more stories. Posted 'ONE STEP AT A TIME' at Zap's.

APRIL 12, 2005:

I posted 'Second Step?' to Zap's. It's a sequel to One Step.. Working on another already!

APRIL 22, 2005:

I posted " I'm Thankful for you" to Zap's. It's 3rd in line in this universe.

MAY 2, 2005:

I've posted "Weekend in New England" to Zap's.

MAY 10, 2005:

I've posted "All of our Tomorrows" to Zap's.

MAY 21, 2005:

I'm finished with school work for a bit- have added Fears of Tomorrow, Part 1 to the site and Zap's. Have written a new story for ONE SHOTS, and am currently working on the TILTEd uni and hope to post there soon!

MAY 23, 2005:

I have been busy this weekend. I have posted the link to my first story in the 'Tilted' uni here on the site. It is just the first part, with part 2 following soon. This is the introduction to my character Rachel.

MAY 28, 2005:

I have gotten the links hooked up for Part 2 Of Love at First Sight in the Tilted uni and the link is up for Part 2 of Fears of Tomorrow. Currently working on Part 3!

MAY 29, 2005:

I have posted Part 3 of Fears and the next story in my Tilted uni, All Roads Aren't Paved in Gold. to the site.

JUNE 30, 2005:

The first month of the summer is gone! Wow! Unfortunately I still have classes and I am very busy between that, homework, work, my house and my kids.
There is still more of my Original Uni coming, I just have to find the time to finish it! I have another work in progress. It is almost ready to be loaded.

JULY 7, 2005:

Well, I am still desperately behind on homework. But I have accomplished a lot of writing. I have the first 3 parts of my newest project completed. It just needs to be uploaded. I'll get there one of these days! This story is out of the ordinary for me and probably for you too. I hope when I get to post it, you read it with an open mind. I do have to buckle down so don't expect to see it until sometime next week. That is if you're looking for it! :) Ok enough with the teasing, I have work to do.

JULY 12, 2005:

Posted Until You Come Back on Jix. Parts 1 & 2 anyway. Part 3 is completed, just waiting to get it back from editing and then I can upload it. My Jix authorship began on 7/10. Yay!!!
This new story isn't a fun one but I hope everyone likes it!

March 15, 2006:

I've been slacking off on updating the 'updates' page! I've added so much to the site since I last posted! To celebrate the 6th Jixaversary- I've posted, Because You Loved Me. It's a Jim and Trixie warm and fuzzy story! Join them as they celebrate their 6th anniversary and their plans go awry!

APRIL 6, 2006:

I am finally updating!! Today I've posted Moving On, it's in my Original Universe and involved my favorite couple, Jim and Trixie. Here, join them, as they take a step in their relationship; which way will they decide to go?

AUGUST 1, 2006:

Finally catching up on my updates!
4/19/06: I Need You- Tilted Universe: Dan and Jilly come together as lovers.
6/3/06: Seeking Perfection-Original Universe: Trixie and Jim step forward and begin their wedding plans.
7/10/06: With You, I Can Do Anything: A threat is approaching- the wedding plans progress.

JULY 26, 2006:

The Closer We Get: The wedding day is coming fast. The threat is still there- how do they cope?

AUGUST 14, 2006:

From This Moment:The wedding day is here. Can they get hitched without any hitches? Not with Jonesy on the loose.

AUGUST 16, 2006:

I Loved Her First: Peter's thoughts as he watches his only daughter marry the man of her dreams.

MARCH 29, 2007:

My contribution to the Jixaversary celebration! I've posted Seven Year Itch? and it's a Honey and Brian story!! Yay! They finally spoke to me!!