This is a traditional universe with the traditional couples. Focused mainly on Jim and Trixie.



I call this Tilted because things are just a little off .This is based on a dream I had. Mainly traditional, but not with Jim and Trixie. Jim is involved with a new character, Rachel. These stories focus on Jim and Rachel and their love and life together. Dan also has his own corner of this universe as he explores his own love, Jilly Brandon.



These stories may include characters from either universe. These are strictly one shot deals! Just ideas that came to me as a way to twist a previously written idea or a new idea that isn't part of a regular universe, yet uses the characters.


This site is part of the Jixemitri community. Any red star stories will require the Jix password. If a story requires the password- and you’re not on the list to have it sent to you- you will need to send an email to password@jixemitri.net  and include your full name and date of birth! One of the administrators will send it to you.



The standard disclaimers for everything in my site- I don't own Trixie Belden, I haven't made any money from her, and I shamelessly used her without permission! Trixie Belden is owned by Random House.


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